How to Enroll

In order to start using the Global Industries Dealer Web Site, at least one person at the dealership must enroll as an administrator. The administrator will be the main contact at the dealership and is responsible for removing user logins for employees who are no longer employed by the dealership.

Once the administrator enrolls, the enrollment form is electronically forwarded to their local Distribution Center (DC) manager for approval of the dealership. This approval process will usually take between one to two work days.

After the DC manager approves the enrollment form, an email will be sent to the dealership administrator notifying them that their form has been approved and that they are eligible to use the Global Industries Dealer Web Site. The email will also contain instructions on how they may create their password.

At this point, any other employee of the dealership may enroll using their email address. As each employee enrolls, an email is forwarded to the employee and the dealer administrator notifying them that they have enrolled. The email that is sent to the employee will also contain instructions on how to create their password.